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Vole Windows Expedition, File management

through |November 27th, 2020|

Steals Windows Expedition It presents itself as a file manager software. It's built on a sleek, fast system that can handle your Windows documents. File and file control is done through four Dual-Explorers. A built-in media player can preview most files (Document Previewer). Exploration is based on a combination of two fully compatible Windows file explorers. Its display can be done both horizontally and vertically with the click of a button.. An anchor tab feature allows you to anchor your files and folders according to your choice. According to the Publisher, Steals Windows Expedition supports 4K HD display / 2K / 1K. Tri and Quad browsers will give you a better experience [...]

Plagiarism Checker

through |novembre 25th, 2020|

Plagiarism Checker It presents itself as a Windows software capable of detecting similarities in your search documents or in your website. With great speed and excellent accuracy, you'll easily find a similarity online (Plagiarism) In your document It can detect original sources from the similarity of keywords in your documents. According to the Publisher, this software helps students by checking for duplication problems in their homework and documents. You can easily check the similarity of the content and find the original sources, correct quotes and, Therefore, get better grades. If you are an expert in SEO, you know the importance of keywords. Using [...]

Hippoedit, Code editor

through |November 21st, 2020|

HippoEDIT This software presents itself as a source code editor for Windows rather oriented programmers and experienced users. This program offers about 300 Built-in controls accessible via customizable keyboard shortcuts. It displays a syntactic coloring based on the selected package selection as other programming language publishers do.. Among them ABAP, Actionscript, Apache config, Ascii,Asm,Asm (GNU ARM),ASM68HC11,ASP,AutoCAD DCL, AutoHotkey, AutoIt, AutoLISP, Awk, Bash, Basic , C, C #, C++, C++ (Ms), C++ (QBK). He is a powerful, fast and easy to use and has a modern, lightweight user interface. According to the Publisher, HippoEDIT is a sophisticated source code publisher, optimized for source code analysis. It was developed in the spirit of accommodating [...]

Powerarchiver, File manager

through |November 17th, 2020|

PowerArchiver This software presents itself as the file management toolkit with data compression and backup. It compresses, to secure, exchange and save your personal data. This archiver is compatible with virtually all files. It can create files in standard compression formats (ZIP, Zipx, 7Z, Pa, RAR) but also FILES in ISO format and about 60 other. Secure compression is done with AES encryption 256 bits. The program offers several tools that can speed up file management, but not only ! Data compression or source coding is the computer operation of turning a suite of A-bits into a suite of [...]

Pixeluvo Photo Editor

through |November 14th, 2020|

Pixeluvo Photo Editor It presents itself as a powerful multimedia software specializing in the editing of images and photos. With this image and photo editor, you can crop, resize, add effects and do multiple manipulations. Many features ensure editing via adjustment layers without losing original features . It offers powerful tools to correct colors, make realistic drawings and improve the image with many filters. According to the Publisher, Pixeluvo contains a wide selection of powerful filters and effects, all kinds of blur and distortion filters, advanced image enhancement and unique pictorial effects. It includes many powerful tools to edit your images. The Paintbrush tool is [...]

AGFX Video Editor

through |novembre 8th, 2020|

AGFX Video Editor AGFX Video Editor AGFX Video Editor presents itself as a MacOS multimedia software specializing in non-linear single video editing with multitrack media. When editing clips in this video editing software, it is possible to use an unlimited number of audio and video tracks. This software offers a wide selection of transitions and effects. Transitions are applied when you drag one video to the other. Import support from a full range of video formats, audio and still images. You can apply multiple effects to audio tracks, such as entry fade, exit fade, volume gain, volume reduction, Reverb, Equalization, etc. This tool for macOS offers a [...]

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