ZHPDiag, Diagnostic system software.

ZHPDiag is software designed and developed by Nicolas Coolman that enables a quick and complete diagnosis of the operating system.


 It serves as a monitor for the most common infections,  potentially unwanted software (PUP/LPI), Adware (Adware), toolbars (Toolbar) and browser hijackers (Hijacker).  It scans the Registry Base and lists sensitive areas that are likely to be hacked. It is based on a module-by-module whitelist system that allows for shorter reports. It detects a large number of malwares. Each line can be affiliated to a comment likely to bring additional information.

 A progress bar displays the status of the search. The scanned areas are displayed in a status bar. You can interrupt the search by clicking on the 'ECHAP' button on your keyboard.

 End of search window shows items found on your station. You can access more information on the element found by clicking on the relevant line.

 It generates a report of research on the Windows desktop and in a folder of the user. You can read this report by clicking on the "Report" button.

 The cleaning of the found items can be done via the ZHPFix software by using a script. It is advisable to call in a specialist in disinfection.

Il est compatible avec Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,W10 in versions 32 & 64 bits.

Editor: Nicolas Coolman

Download (Rescue)