ZHPCleaner is a free program designed to fight pirates browsers (Hijacker). Its main objective is to restore the proxy settings and remove browser redirects. In this tutorial will address five main points, the download, the research, cleaning, the report and update.


The download ZHPCleaner

  • Download ZHPCleaner by Nicolas Coolman on your Windows desktop.

The launch of ZHPCleaner

  • Stand on the ZHPCleaner icon and right-click,
  • Select “Run with administrative rights” if present in the dropdown menu.
  • Antivirus can block its launch, This is obviously a false positive, disable it temporarily the time of the analysis and cleaning.

Comment lever la protection SmartScreen ?

  • Since the release of its version 8, Microsoft includes a protection system against malicious sites named “SmartScreen”. But it turns out that this filter blocks the download many legitimate software. A window “Windows has protected your computer” may appear.


  • Click on “Run anyway” and confirm.
  • Accept the end-user requirements (CLUF) software.
  • The following interface appears :

  • Click on “SCANNER” to start search
  • Leave the progress bar reach the end.

The items found by ZHPCleaner

  • At the end of the search, a window may appear indicating the presence of’ items,

  • Clicking right on a line allows access to the blog article that gives additional information.
  • Close this window elements
  • Click on “CLEAN” to start cleaning.

  • Each tab, you must click on “Validate” if you made a uncheck otherwise it will not be taken into account.
  • Click on “Clean”
  • Allow the cleaning progress bar reach the end.

Reports ZHPCleaner

  • At the end of treatment, research reports and cleaning are in your user folder “%AppData% / ZHP” and on your desktop.
  • Transmit your report if it makes you demand in a forum disinfection.

The update ZHPCleaner

  • When the program starts, a window indicates the presence of a new version. To better protect your system, do not skip this update, it is very fast…

  • Click on “Update”
  • All open browsers are closed. A confirmation message lets you do any backup of your navigation pages, otherwise click OK’
  • The download starts, then downloading completion page appears in your browser.
  • Click on the desktop shortcut to start the software updated.
Tutorial ZHPCleaner 2018 (Official)
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