The Repackaging What is ?

Repackaging the software or the packaging, is a method used by some download sites. This is to redo the installation package (setup) free software (freeware) adding download options.

Why insert options ?

These options allow you to add other software such as browser toolbars, des adwares, potentially unwanted software, intrusive advertisements software, even hijackers. The trick is to hide the addition of additional programs through pre-ticked option called "Advanced" or "Custom". It goes without saying that the user generally chosen installation "Standard" without reading the options. It can also happen that the installation conditions are in another language, making it even more difficult for them compréhention.

A procedure for the least legal

This method allows to legalize downloading additional software because it is done with your consent and sites that practice Repackaging method can not be prosecuted.

The classification of optional software

These software are not necessarily desired by the user are classified as Potentially Unwanted Programs Optional (LPI) or better known as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP). The Repackaging is widely used to include aggressive adware such InstallCore, CrossRider, Graftor, Boxore or Wajam. Finally, programs that pollute your Registry for your data and storage units.

The specific case

Note that the software Repackaging can be done so that additional software is included and installed without your consent. In that case, the potential for adding malware software is not to be excluded and caution is then required when using.


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Repackaging and infection
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