Technicians Toolbox, System utility. technicians Toolbox, a free Swiss army knife for your PC. It consists of a suite of tools that provide the administration and even troubleshooting your PC.

With these tools you can achieve many diagnostics on the system, networks, processes and services. Thus, You can search and even correct some problems that are at the origin of the instability of your computer.

Classification of administrative tools.

 The network :

  • Information network
  • Netstat
  • Static IPv4
  • TCP & UDP Stats
  • Subnet calculator
  • IP address scanner

 Groups and users :

  • Manage users
  • Create a new Windows user
  • The user account properties
  • Manage groups
  • Create the new Windows group
  • Group Properties

 Monitors :

  • CPU monitor
  • Monitor disks
  • Memory Analyzer
  • Network Monitor

 Processes and services :

  • Delete, move or rename files locked at startup
  • Process information
  • Svchost.exe Lookup
  • Windows services

 Other tools :

  • Make a screenshot
  • Check the drive the next time you start (Chkdsk)
  • Windows Shutdown Timer
  • Run as account system
  • Safe mode of Windows Services

Note that this version is free in the case of personal use and not commercial.

Il est compatible avec Windows XP,7 ,8 ,8.1 et Windows 10 (32 & 64 bits)