ZHPLite official tutorial

ZHPLite is a software for analysis of diagnostic report ZHPDiag. This is a new version of the ZHP software completely rewritten and offers another interface.

Each line is classified in a category and a color that allows a faster tracking.

Download :

  • Download ZHPLite of Nicolas Coolman on your Windows desktop.

Launch :

  • Put you on the ZHPLite icon and right click,
  • Select the option "Run with administrator rights" if it is present in the menu drop-down.

How to raise protection SmartScreen :

  • Since the release of version 8, Microsoft integrated a system of protection against malicious sites named «» SmartScreen« . But it turns out that this filter blocks many legitimate software download. A window 'Windows has protected your computer' may appear.

  • Click on "Run anyway" and confirm.
  • Accept the terms of the end user (EULA) software.
  • The following interface appears :

  • Place the ZHPDiag report in the Windows Clipboard.
  • Click on «» Paste the report "to copy the report into the upper area.
  • You can also click on «» Load a report« .
  • Click on «» Analyze the report«
  • Let the progress bar to reach the end.

Items found

  • At the end of the research, a window may appear indicating the presence of’ elements,

  • A right click on a line allows access to the blog article that gives more information.
  • Close this window of found items.
  • The report is entirely classified by category.
  • For more information, Click on «» Assistance "for access to the Security Forum where to get help from an expert in disinfection.


Case of an update of ZHPLite

  • The launch of the software, a window shows the presence of a new version. For better protection for your system, do not skip this update, It is very fast…

  • Click on 'Update'.
  • All open browsers are closed. A confirmation message allows you to make a backup of your navigation pages, otherwise click 'OK'.
  • The download starts, then an end of download page on your browser.
  • Click on the desktop shortcut to start the software updated.