How to choose his passwords ?

To protect your information, it is necessary to choose and use robust passwords, i.e. difficult to find using automated tools and guessed by a third party.

The robustness of a password usually depends first of all on its complexity, but also various other parameters, explained in detail in the password Security Recommendations document.

If you want a simple rule : choose passwords of at least 12 characters of different types (Capital letters, Tiny, Figures, Special characters).

Here are some recommendations.

  • Use a unique password for each service. In particular, the use of the same password between work and personal email is imperative not to be used ;
  • Choose a password that doesn't have a link to you (password consisting of a company name, date of birth, etc.) ;
  • Never ask a third party to generate a password for you ;
  • Systematically and as soon as possible change default passwords when systems contain them ;
  • Renew your passwords with a reasonable frequency. All 90 days is a good compromise for systems containing sensitive data ;
  • Don't store passwords in a file on a computer station that is at risk (Example : online on the Internet), even less on easily accessible paper ;
  • Don't send your own passwords to your personal email ;
  • Set up the software, including your web browser, so they don't "remember" the passwords they choose.

The National Agency for the security of information systems (ANSSI) is a french service created by Decree in July 2009. ANSSI presents its missions as follows : "The Agency provides the mission of national authority in the field of security of information systems. As such it is responsible for proposing the rules to apply for the protection of the information systems of the State and to verify the application of the measures adopted. In the field of defence of information systems, It provides a watch service, detection, warning and response to cyber attacks, especially on the networks of the State. ». ANSSI brings its expertise and technical assistance to Governments and businesses with a mission strengthened to the benefit of the operators of vital importance (OIV). It is responsible for the promotion of technology, trust services and products, systems and national expertise among experts and the general public. She contributes to the development of trust in the use of digital. His action to different audiences includes the day before and the reaction, the development of products for civil society, the information and advice, training and the certification of products and providers of trust. (Sources)

The National Agency for the security of information systems (ANSSI) is a french service created by Decree in July 2009. It is the mission of national authority in information systems security.