Your password is probably useless.

The best way to improve passwords is to think like the user and stop creating bad password composition rules says Jeff Atwood, the creator of Stack Overflow.

Jeff Atwood, by Stack Overflow, affirms some truths about the horrible password policies that bother experts, confuses users and makes the world less safe. The Internet is full of examples, often perpetrated by large companies, sites that endanger their users with bad password policies and bad practices, such as sending users' passwords by email in plain language. (Sources ZDnet)

How to choose his passwords ?

To protect your information, it is necessary to choose and use robust passwords, i.e. difficult to find using automated tools and guessed by a third party. The robustness of a password usually depends first of all on its complexity, but also various other parameters, explained in detail in the password Security Recommendations document. If you want a simple rule : choose passwords of at least 12 characters of different types (Capital letters, Tiny, Figures, Special characters). (Read more)