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The browser toolbars (Toolbars).

Browser toolbar (Toolbar)

A toolbar is an additional toolbar for internet browsers. A toolbar, English or a Toolbar, presents itself as a row of buttons or columns that allow access to various features.

The interface of internet browsers is specially designed to receive toolbars. The toolbar allows to share content, to do quick searches, to launch applications and many other things. It's almost the Swiss army knife of the browser, but be careful not to abuse their number.

Toolbars fall into several categories, protectors, legitimate, intrusive and harmful.


Protective toolbars

It's legitimate toolbars useful browser protection, They generally come from your resident antivirus installation (Like what Avira).

Legitimate toolbars

The installation of several legitimate toolbars can significantly slow down your internet browsing speed and clutter the browser interface.

The intrusive toolbars

Some bars can be installed with or without your consent via some download sites that practice software packaging. They may collect your browsing habits and communicate them to a server. These information are sold and used by companies who practice a commercial targeting. Eventually advertising campaigns are periodically available during navigation, with banners and popup advertising (Spyware). Redirects to legitimate sites are frequent.

Harmful toolbars

Some toolbars are considered to be harmful because they can change your navigation without your consent settings (Hijacker). It is usually replacement of the start and search for all installed browsers pages. They can also identify installed software (Trackware) to increase abusive online marketing revenue.
Eventually advertising campaigns are always available during navigation, with banners and popup advertising (Spyware). Redirects to malware sites are constant. Harmful software protection and optimization suggestions are fairly common.

Note :

The toolbars identified by ZHPDiag and ZHPCleaner correspond to harmful toolbars, intrusive (Malware) or that unnecessarily pollute your system (Polluteware).