ZHPDiag – Prefetcher Module O45 (LFP)

The Prefetcher is a Microsoft Windows component that was introduced in Windows XP. It is a component of the memory manager that can speed up Windows boot process and shorten the amount of time it takes to start programs.

It accomplishes this by caching (RAM) records that are necessary for the application launched fonctionnenent, consolidating disk reads and reducing disk search. Since Windows Vista, the prefetcher was extended by SuperFetch and ReadyBoost. SuperFetch tries to speed up the application launch time by monitoring and adapting to application usage patterns over periods of time, and by caching the majority of files and data necessary ahead memory so they can be consulted quickly if needed.

ReadyBoost (when activated) uses the external memory such as a USB flash drive to extend the system cache beyond the amount of RAM installed in the computer. ReadyBoost is also a component called ReadyBoot replacing the prefetcher to the boot process if the system 700 Mo or RAM plus. [Wikipedia]

Linked to the LFP Module (Last File Create Prefetch). It will list all files created or modified in the Windows folder Prefetcher. The research period is limited to one month.

Overview ZHPDiag

—\\ Latest files created in Windows Prefetcher (O45)
O45 – LFCP:[MD5.FA9C2ED62BE5315CFEBD3CF9C82799A6] 22/10/2017 A — C:\WINDOWSPrefetchCACAOWEB.EXE-E41F5B15.pf =>.SUP.CacaoWeb
O45 – LFCP:[MD5.588A3E0ECCD7219473D319A1AF1672B9] 20/10/2017 A — C:\WINDOWSPrefetchCACAOWEB.EXE-E6EE9696.pf =>.SUP.CacaoWeb

Examples of detection

O45 – LFCP:Last File Created Prefetch 18/07/2010 – 20:09:16 —A- C:\Program FilesAutomated Content Enhancer4.1.0.5050aceieaddon.pf =>Adware.DoubleD
O45 – LFCP:Last File Created Prefetch 18/07/2010 – 20:09:16 —A- C:\Program FilesAutomated Content Enhancer4.1.0.5240aceieaddon.pf =>Adware.DoubleD
O45 – LFCP:[MD5.0E53E3C5CC1E95945452D5CDE5A17E9C] – 13/07/2013 – 17:52:50 —A- – C:\WindowsPrefetchLOLLIPOPINSTALLER_14633.EXE-925E3009.pf =>Adware.Lollipop

Action ZHPFix

O45 – LFCP:Last File Created Prefetch 18/07/2010 – 20:09:16 —A- {FileName}

1) L & rsquo; tool removes the file {FileName}


ZHPDiag – Module O45 (LFP)
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