FromDocToPDF, Software potentially superfluous.

FromDocToPDF is the Editor software MindSpark. It is more precisely a browser toolbar (Toolbar). It usually installs as a program or as a browser extension.

Specifically, this program promises to convert for free more than 20 types of file with a single click. It can change research and start-up of the browsers pages. By default, it installs the Ask engine or MyWay search bar if you do not uncheck the box during the installation of the software.

Some security solutions may classify this software in the category of the Optionnels software potentially unwanted (LPI,PUP).

This program is ranked in the category of the software potentially superfluous (LPS). He settled as a program or as a browser extension. It can automatically start from the Base of registers via a key "Run", a service or scheduled task. It can begin to start your browser after changing its settings. Sometimes the launch is done silently, that is to say that he works in the background. Viral analysis of this software shows no malware detection.

It mainly legitimate programs that are not necessarily needed for the proper functioning of your system. The multiplication of programmes launched at the start of the system may cause delays in the performance of the regular duties of the system but also during internet browsing. Note that some programs are from downloads with repaquetage, a technique that is to offer other software being installed. These programs are obviously superfluous, they can even be installed without your knowledge. It is recommended to read carefully the EULA before installing software bundled. Before you click, check the relevance of the pre-ticked boxes, which are available.

Mindspark Interactive Network specializes in the distribution of software advertising (Adware), extensions and toolbar (Toolbar) internet browser. Security solutions classify some software like Optionnels potentially unwanted (PUP/LPI).



– Il modifie la page de démarrage du navigateur Opera (B0),
– It replaces the browser Mozilla Firefox start page (M0),
– It replaces the start page of the Google Chrome browser (G0),
– It modifies the Internet Explorer start page (R0),
It installs a program extension for Google Chrome browser (G2),
It installs an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser program (M2),
It installs a plugin for Mozilla Firefox browser (P2),
It installs as a Browser Helper Object (BHO) internet browser (O2),
It installs as a toolbar (Toolbar) internet browser (O3),
He settled as a program (O42)
– It creates multiple keys from registry "Software".,
Add additional folders (O43),
It changes the Internet search provider (O69),

Aperçu dans les rapports

[MD5.7E06D26FE4B8E771594D22AE7B8EE94E] – (.COMPANYVERS_NAME – PRODUCTVERS_TITLE.) — C:\Program Files (x86)\FromDocToPDF_65bar1.bin65barsvc.exe [44752] [PID.1412]
M2 – MFEP: prefs.js [Monaliza – 5iys1x7v.default] [] FromDocToPDF v5.40.2.28881 (..)
O23 – Service: FromDocToPDFService (FromDocToPDF_65Service) . (.COMPANYVERS_NAME – PRODUCTVERS_TITLE.) – C:\Program Files (x86)\FromDocToPDF_65bar1.bin65barsvc.exe
O61 – LFC: 21/10/2013 – 00:01:09 —A- . (…) — C:\UsersCoolmanAppDataLocalFromDocToPDF_65UrlFolderExtension.uf1 [1368]
O61 – LFC: 21/10/2013 – 00:01:09 —A- . (…) — C:\UsersCoolmanAppDataLocalFromDocToPDF_65UrlFolderExtension.UFM [1368]
SR – | Auto 21/10/2013 44752 | (FromDocToPDF_65Service) . (.COMPANYVERS_NAME.) – C:\Program Files (x86)\FromDocToPDF_65bar1.bin65barsvc.exe


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: PUP. Optional.MindSpark.A
ESET-NOD32 Win32/Toolbar.MyWebSearch.AV potentially unwanted
Kaspersky not-a-virus:WebToolbar.Win32.MyWebSearch.tu
DrWeb Adware.MyWebSearch.103
VIPRE Antivirus: MyWebSearch.J
Avira AntiVirus: TR/Patched.Gen
avast!: Win32:Mindspark-A [PUP]
Bkav FE: W32. Clod4e1.Trojan
Emsisoft Anti-Malware: Win32.Expiro.Gen

How to remove FromDocToPDF ?

Delete with Microsoft Windows


Delete with ZHPCleaner

Diagnose with ZHPDiag

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