DiscoverLiveRadio, Advertising software (Adware).


DiscoverLiveRadio is a program of the & rsquo; editor MindSpark. This is specifically a browser toolbar (Toolbar) which allows & rsquo; listen to some radio stations.

It s & rsquo; generally installed as a program or as an & rsquo; s browser extension. It can change the search page and start your browsers (hxxp:// Some security solutions classify this software in the category of Potentially Unwanted Software Optional (LPI,PUP).


This program is ranked in the category of adware (Adware), from English "ADS" diminutive English Warning (poster promoting). Adware is usually installed as a program or as a browser extension and are loaded at system boot. They can launch services, start scheduled tasks and create shortcuts on your desktop. All these operations are done with or without your consent under the terms of his contract of use. Installed, adware can change some settings on your browsers such as search pages, the start page or your error page "404". An adware can collect your browsing habits and report to a server by tracking method This is because most often a marketing solution for customer loyalty.

While browsing it usually displays ads in the form of coupons and banners in the form of popups. These ads are usually signed with the words "Powered by", "Brought to you by" or "Ads by", followed by the name of adware. But some adware exaggerate the size and frequency of display ads, which can affect the speed of Internet navigation and the visibility of the content of pages viewed. Also note that the publisher of advertising can disclaim responsibility for the content of his ads by targeted links. Ultimately, the goal of these programs is to make money by generating web traffic to sponsored websites. Some adware are installed via packaged software and are not necessarily desired by the user and the virus generally into Potentially Unwanted Software (LPI/PUP).

Potentially Unwanted Software (LPI)

Potentially unwanted software (LPI) ou Potentialy Unwanted Programs (PUP) are causing many infections. The most frequently encountered example is adware InstallCore, CrossRider, Graftor or Boxore that pollute the Registry for data and storage units. They are usually installed without your knowledge by downloading freeware. Indeed some sites use Repackaging method, an operation that is to redo the installation package of the software by adding download options. These options allow you to add other software such as browser toolbars, des adwares, potentially unwanted software, intrusive advertisements software, even hijackers.

Spyware (spywares) and adware (Adwares) undesirable, as malware, can use the write legitimate software vulnerabilities or those operating systems. It is therefore essential to have official software and they have an automatic update. Also your Windows operating system must be programmed in automatic update mode and activated, so you can have the latest critical security flaws updates.

Mindspark Interactive Network specializes in the distribution of Advertising Software (Adwares), d & rsquo; extensions and bar d & rsquo; Tools (Toolbar) Internet browser. Security solutions rank as some software Optional Potentially Unwanted (PUP/LPI).



– It changes the browser start page Opera (B0),
– It replaces the start page of the Mozilla Firefox browser (M0),
– It replaces the start page of Google Chrome browser (G0),
– It modifies the start page of Internet Explorer (R0),
It installs an extension program for the Google Chrome browser (G2),
It installs an extension program for the Mozilla Firefox browser (M2),
It installs a Mozilla Firefox Plugin (P2),

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identified the 18/12/2017
G2 – GCE: Preference [Coolman][User DataDefault] [becklgmbheknjjjaflpgodmbihommoke] Open DiscoverLiveRadio New Tab
P2 – EXT FILE: (.DiscoverLiveRadio – Radio listeners will enjoy easy access.) — C:\
C:\UsersCoolmanAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultExtensionsbecklgmbheknjjjaflpgodmbihommoke



avast!: Win32:Mindspark-A [PUP]
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: PUP.Optional.MindSpark.A
Reason Heuristics: PUP.Service.MindsparkInteractiveNetwork.I

How to remove DiscoverLiveRadio ?

Delete Microsoft Windows


Delete with ZHPCleaner

Diagnose ZHPDiag

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DiscoverLiveRadio, Advertising software (Adware).
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