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Microleaves, Software potentially superfluous.

Certain programs or applications may be termed superfluous. It mainly legitimate programs that are not necessarily needed for the proper functioning of your system.

The multiplication of programmes launched at the start of the system may cause delays in the performance of the regular duties of the system but also during internet browsing.

Before searching for a hypothetical infection, Therefore, it is strongly recommended to wear special attention in the treatment of superfluous or unnecessary items.

Superfluous software are generally from software packaging, software updates, additional protection or nicks optimization software solutions.

The software updates.

First of all, in this category are identified some publishers that offer updates of drivers software (drivers) of devices. These software seem to be unnecessary insofar as devices software developers are already building a feature of automatic update of their drivers. Also note that the operating system already includes a detection of new devices and it is possible to perform upgrades via its interface.

MD5.4557929F118EBE411F22C7E6014596D5] -. (...) -C:\Program Filest_201601160518201601160518auds.exe [208512] [PID.2556] [MD5. BA4177E3E3E0B3296C1579135CCEBBB6] -. (...) -C:\Program Filest_201601160523201601160523lsas.exe [557184] [PID.5968] [MD5. B074BCA3C38CD75CBB45D7B00018B55F] -. (...) -C:\Program Filest_201601160523201601160523tslog.exe [193152] [PID.4268] [MD5.4557929F118EBE411F22C7E6014596D5] -. (...) -C:\Program Filest_201601160518201601160518auds.exe [208512] [PID.4456] O4 - HKCU... Run: [LSAs] . (...) -C:\Program Filest_201601160518201601160518lsas.exe O4 - HKUSS-1-5-21-2178137505-2618686132-2039444167-1000... Run: [LSAs] . (...) -C:\Filest_201601160518201601160518lsas.exe O43 - CFD program: 16/01/2016 -. [] D C:\Filest_201601160518 O43 - CFD program: 16/01/2016 -. [] D C:\Program Filest_201601160523

Additional protection solutions.

Then the superfluous category lists additional antiviral solutions or antimalware in your resident antivirus. Some software offer even a paid version as free solutions are available. It must also avoid having several redundant antiviral solutions.

O23 - Service: MPC Core Protect Service (MPCProtectService) . (.DotC United Inc - MPC Protect Service.) -C:\Program FilesMPC CleanerMPCProtectService.exe[MD5.8BE07374EC5C5009CF0C0F3485F9060A] -. (.DotC United Inc - MPC Protect Service.) -C:\Program FilesMPC CleanerMPCProtectService.exe [349152] [PID.1976] [MD5. C10EC87C948BEA88D91AE5D22C5FCD7F] -. (.DotC United Inc - MPC Tray.) -C:\Program FilesMPC CleanerMPCTray.exe [166880] [PID.1600] O42 - software: MPC Cleaner- (.DotC United Inc.) [HKLM] -MPC HKLMSOFTWAREMPC O43 - CFD: 08/01/2016 -. [] D C:\Program FilesMPC Cleaner O43 - CFD: 08/01/2016 -. [] D C:\ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsMPC O58 - SDL:2016/01/08 23:33:20 A . (.DotC United Inc - MPC Driver.) -C:\WindowsSystem32driversMPCBase.sys [29032] O58 - SDL:2016/01/08 23:33:20 A . (.DotC United Inc - MPC Driver.) -C:\WindowsSystem32driversMPCKpt.sys [52968] SR - Auto [08/01/2016] [ 349152] MPC Core Protect Service (MPCProtectService) . (.DotC United Inc.) -C:\Program FilesMPC CleanerMPCProtectService.exe

Optimization software.

Finally, Some software programs that are supposed to optimize your system are classified as superfluous. The Windows operating system already includes many features such as defragmentation, backup and various cleanups. Note that these software may offer a paid version after diagnosis. (AdvancedPCCare,DoulCiActivator,,PCSpeedMaximizer,PCSpeedOptimizer)

[MD5. B55FFAB9260605F827BE3BED43A25962] -. (.Avanquest - Privacy Protector over Schedule.) -C:\UsersCoolmanAppDataLocalPrivacy Protector PlusPPPSchedule.exe [445280] [PID.3288] ©[MD5.62A2D6558A0FD376E94803EC45526067] -. (.Avanquest - Privacy Protector more.) -C:\UsersCoolmanAppDataLocalPrivacy Protector PlusPrivacyProtectorPlus.exe [5282656] [PID.3452] © O42 - software: Privacy Protector Plus v3.0- (.Avanquest.) [HKCU] -Privacy Protector Plus_is1 © HKCUSOFTWAREPrivacy Protector more O43 - CFD: 27/12/2015 -. [] D C:\UsersCoolmanAppDataLocalPrivacy Protector more O43 - CFD: 27/12/2015 -. [] D C:\UsersCoolmanAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsPrivacy Protector more O61 - LFC: 2015/12/27 06:17:10 A . (..) -C:\UsersCoolmanAppDataLocalPrivacy Protector Plusunins000.exe [1203145]

Software packaging.

Note also that some programs are from downloads with software packaging. These programs are obviously superfluous, they can even be installed without your knowledge. It is recommended to carefully read the EULA before installing bundled software. Check the relevance of the pre-ticked boxes, which are available.


Temporary files.

Downloading or installation, These software may use temporary files. It's files with a very limited life and which should be deleted at the end of installation. It turns out that some files of this type are forgotten in temporary folders and use a useless space on your drive that can reach several tens of MB see more.


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