Detections of attacks on Oracle WebLogic Server.

Oracle WebLogic servers are attacked by pirates who try to take over vulnerable facilities who do not have a recent patch for a critical vulnerability.

The security bug in the heart of these hacking attempts is a vulnerability in a component of the Oracle WebLogic middleware that allows an attacker to take control of the entire server without having to know their password.

The vulnerability has received a "Critical" level and a score of severity of 9,8 on 10 on the scale of gravity CVSv3 due to its consequences, remote operation factor, and ease of operation.

The details on this vulnerability have never been made public, and Oracle has released patches for this bug the 18 July, Last week.

Oracle Corporation

Oracle (Oracle Corporation) is an American company founded in 1977 by Larry Ellison. Its flagship products are Oracle Database (a database management system), Oracle Weblogic Server (an application server) and Oracle E-Business Suite (an ERP). (Sources)

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