Slimjet, a browser web light and fast !

Slimjet a Web browser fast and free for both personal and commercial use. SlimJet works through the Blink rendering engine already used in Chrome and Opera.

It offers many options of security and the feature interesting as AutoFill form with the QuickFill tool. It allows the download of streaming videos.

Tired of all the invasive ads that follow you track online, in you irritating the eyes and making you waste your time ? Welcome to the only browser that automatically blocks all ads. No need for plugins or configure anything. Enjoy a clean Web and pub at the speed of lightning.

Slimjet accepts perfectly all the extensions for Google Chrome.

Slimjet is fast, effective, powerful, flexible, secure and stable, all ingrediants together for this alternative browser that deserves to be known !




Blink engine high performance, Fast and efficient : Launch the browser and faster page loading, highly responsive user interface powered by Blink engine that is among the best in the industry.

An unparalleled level of integration, Powerful and flexible : Rich in powerful features and flexible options, Slimjet done more for each user without external plugins.

Multiple layers of protection, Secure and stable : Automatic protection against phishing and malware, Advanced privacy management options, solid sandboxed multiprocess architecture.

List of main features

Remove all ads with Ad Blocker

  • I'm tired of all these annoying ads ? Delete them all with the built-in ad blocker.
  • Improve the performance of your browser in order to save memory, CPU and bandwidth consumed by ads.

Download broadband Manager

  • Slimjet is provided with a download manager that uses multiple connections at the same time to download files up to 12 times faster.
  • It also allows you to resume a download between sessions of navigation.

Module built-in forms

  • Smarter and more powerful than the simple Chrome password manager.
  • Save the link and the pages login data in a form file, in order to allow you to open your accounts online favorite with a single click.

Online video download tool

  • Download videos from YouTube online, Facebook, Vimeo and Dailymotion on your hard disk in multiple resolutions and formats to watch offline.
  • You can also check out a file from the downloaded video file mp3.

Fully customizable toolbar

  • Slimjet allows users to customize the toolbar and add additional buttons to quickly access more functions and features.

Ecosystem of plugins and themes

  • Slimjet is compatible with most of the plugins and extensions designed for Chrome, such as Adblock Plus, RoboForm, LastPass, Avast Online Security, etc.
  • It is also compatible with all themes for Chrome.

Advanced anti-tracking options

  • Slimjet includes advanced and flexible anti-tracking options to thwart attempts to trace your identity and profile your behavior.

Integration practice at Facebook

  • Easily share the link you visited, a paragraph of text or an image on Facebook with a single click on the Facebook toolbar button.

Improvement and picture framing

  • Living room Photo allows you to add beautiful frames or other effects to photos just before loading.

Loading photo instant

  • Automatically compresses photos to a coherent resolution for sharing online, in order to accelerate up to 20 time loading time.

Weather forecast and conditions

  • See current weather conditions and weather forecasts without having to open a Web site.

Page new customizable tab

  • You can customize the number of speed-dial buttons and background image. The "New tab" page search box supports several search engines and voice research.

Flexible web page translation

  • Instead of automatically translate any web page into the language currently used by the UI, Slimjet allows you to translate the page or only a part of text to and from any language.

Full support of the movements of the mouse

  • The total support of the movements of the mouse is included in Slimjet.
  • It allows you to perform such common operations that draw the preset brushes with your mouse without touching the keyboard.

Options and flexible settings

  • Slimjet provides many parameters and additional options that allow you to customize your browser as close to your desires rather than be forced to take all in the condition with no options.

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