PC-Cleanup, Software potentially superfluous

Some legitimate programs such as PC-Cleanup may be termed superfluous, they are not necessarily needed for the functioning of the system and sometimes even unwanted.

More precisely, PC-Cleanup Program ranks in the software category that optimize your système.It can be installed by downloading free software rempaquetés. It displays alerts on the quality of the system and the presence of malware and offers the purchase of a paid version to address issues. It is neither more nor less than a clone of Power PC Care, Super Speedup, Super Clean Pro, Dr. Clean-Pro or Quick Speedup.
Some security solutions, like Malwarebytes antimalware, classify this software in the category of the Optionnels software potentially unwanted (PUP/LPI).

This program is ranked in the category of the software potentially superfluous (LPS). He settled as a program or as a browser extension. It can automatically start from the Base of registers via a key "Run", a service or scheduled task. It can begin to start your browser after changing its settings. Sometimes the launch is done silently, that is to say that he works in the background. Viral analysis of this software shows no malware detection.

It mainly legitimate programs that are not necessarily needed for the proper functioning of your system. The multiplication of programmes launched at the start of the system may cause delays in the performance of the regular duties of the system but also during internet browsing. Note that some programs are from downloads with repaquetage, a technique that is to offer other software being installed. These programs are obviously superfluous, they can even be installed without your knowledge. It is recommended to read carefully the EULA before installing software bundled. Before you click, check the relevance of the pre-ticked boxes, which are available.

Potentially unwanted software (LPI)

Potentially unwanted software (LPI) or potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) are the cause of many infections. The most frequently encountered example is adware InstallCore, CrossRider, Graftor or Boxore pollute your data storage units and the Base of records. They usually settled without your knowledge via freeware download. In fact some sites use the repaquetage method, an operation that is to repeat the installation of the software module by adding download options. These options allow you to add other software as for example browser tool bars, the adware, potentially unwanted software, intrusive ads software, and even browser hijackers.

Spyware (spyware) and adware (Adware) unwanted, as malware, can use the vulnerabilities of writing the legitimate software or operating systems. It is therefore essential to have official software and that they have an automatic update. Your Windows operating system must be programmed in mode update automatic and active, in order to have the latest updates of critical security vulnerabilities.

PCVark detections

PCVark est une détection générique qui regroupe certains logiciels superflus susceptibles d’optimiser votre système avec l’achat d’une license.



– Starts a process in the launch of the system (RP),
Created from multiple application shortcuts, Desktop, QuickLaunch, Taskbar, Programs (O4GS),
He settled in the Base of registers to be launched each time the system starts (O4),
It starts a scheduled automatic task (Ø38),
He settled as a program (O42)
– Created multiple keys from registry "Software".,
Add additional folders (O43),
Registration in the Windows prefetcher folder (O45)
– Adds multiple users files (O61),

Aperçu dans les rapports

Recensé le 03/09/2018
Numéro de série : 533BB6FF118057CC3DDE59E1B2917E7B
Ø38 – TASK: {E043FE79-4B1F-4409-A295-556BC9636EB6}[\PC - Cleanup-2018_Logon] – (. – Fixing Tool.) — C:\Program FilesPC - Cleanup-2018 we Coolman - PCpcl.exe [2751328]
C:\WindowsSystem32TasksPC - Cleanup-2018_Logon – (..) — C:\Program FilesPC - Cleanup-2018 we Coolman - PCpcl.exe [startuplaunch]
[MD5. EB3732C5C6DEA58E1B742FEB4090EACB] – (. – Fixing Tool.) — C:\Program FilesPC - Cleanup-2018 we Coolman - PCpcl.exe [2751328] [PID.2400]
O4 – GSCommonDesktop [Public]: PC - Cleanup - 2018.lnk . (…) C:\Program FilesPC - Cleanup-2018 we Coolman - PCpcl.exe
O42 – Logiciel: PC - Cleanup-2018 – (..) [HKLM] — {BFAF6655-331A-4784-BE06-ECD05B6ECEC4}_is1
HKLMSOFTWAREPC - Cleanup-2018 we Coolman-PC
HKCUSOFTWAREPC - Cleanup-2018 we Coolman-PC
HKUS-1-5-21-3170229064-143365203-2930443724-1000SOFTWAREPC - Cleanup-2018 we Coolman-PC
O43 – CFD: 03/09/2018 – [] D — C:\Program FilesPC - Cleanup-2018 we Coolman-PC
O43 – CFD: 03/09/2018 – [] D — C:\ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsPC - Cleanup-2018 we Coolman-PC
O43 – CFD: 03/09/2018 – [] D — C:\ProgramDataPC - Cleanup-2018 we Coolman-PC
O43 – CFD: 03/09/2018 – [] D — C:\UsersCoolmanAppDataRoamingPC -Cleanup-2018 on Coolman-PC


VirusTotal Analysis :

DrWeb Program.Unwanted.2688 20180828
Endgame malicious (moderate confidence) 20180730
ESET-NOD32 a variant of MSIL/GT32SupportGeeks.M potentially unwanted 20180828
K7AntiVirus Adware ( 005364eb1 ) 20180828
K7GW Adware ( 005364eb1 ) 20180828
Kaspersky HEUR:Hoax.MSIL.Optimizer.gen 20180827
Malwarebytes PUP. Optional.PCVARK 20180828
McAfee Artemis!EB3732C5C6DE 20180828
McAfee-GW-Edition Artemis 20180828
Panda PUP/SystemCare 20180827
Rising PUA. GT32SupportGeeks!8.E56B (CLOUD) 20180828
Sophos AV Generic PUA KC (PUA) 20180828
Symantec Trojan.Gen.2 20180828
Webroot Pua.Speedup.Tools 20180828
Yandex Riskware.Agent! 20180827
ZoneAlarm by Check Point HEUR:Hoax.MSIL.Optimizer.gen 20180828

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