Russian hackers announce violation of three antivirus.

According to AdvIntel (Advanced-Intel), a group of Russian hackers at the highest level claims the violation of three antivirus.

Fxmsp is a hacking collective that has worked in various high-level Russian and English speaking communities since 2017.
They are known to target corporate and government networks worldwide.

In March 2019, Fxmsp stated that they could provide proprietary information stolen from three antivirus companies located in the United States. They have confirmed that they have an exclusive source code related to software development of companies. They offer to sell it, and access to the network, For more $300 000 USD.

The source codes of three antivirus are for sale on the dark Web

A group of hackers would have managed to hack the infrastructures of three American Publishers. He recovered 30 To confidential data that he sells now for 300 000 dollars. What if, behind your beautiful antivirus, planquait is actually a group of pirates ?

Russian hackers announce violation of three antivirus.
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