Discovering the exploitation of a security flaw in WhatsApp.

A recent financial times article indicates that a security flaw has enabled the installation of the Pegasus spy software on a Smartphone.

The exploitation of a security flaw on WhatsApp is therefore proven. Pegasus is a spy software for Apple iOS devices. It allows you to have remote access to your device to read and collect your personal information. Pegasus allows you to have complete control over your device. So it can locate you, listen and record your conversations, but also recover all your passwords.

According to Wikipedia, This software is controversial because if the contracts stipulate a strictly legal use of this technology (criminal investigations such as the one that led to the arrest of the drug Baron El Chapo), It is used by dictatorships intelligence agencies. It infects telephones in 45 country and is used by some thirty Governments.

A flaw in WhatsApp has been used to spy on Smartphones remotely

It was enough to initiate a VoIP call to cause the installation of Pegasus, a particularly effective spying software, used by Governments and law enforcement authorities around the world. An email update is available.

Israel's NSO: the business of spying on your iPhone

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Discovering the exploitation of a security flaw in WhatsApp.
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