Discovery of SCAMS in Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

MalwareHunterTeam and JayTHL security researchers have discovered 200 Web sites hosted on the Azure Services platform App.

These sites display SCAMS, technical support scams. Scammers pretend to be false technical supports Microsoft and Apple.

Microsoft support scams invade the Azure cloud services

Support scams have always been a problem, but they were usually located on small Web hosting services in the world. Researchers have now found that these scams were headed more and more the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to facilitate the deployment and inexpensive Web hosting.


Scam is a term slang English meaning "scam" and defining a scam material or moral on the Internet. The general principle is based on sending emails by crooks who seek to gain the trust of people in order to extort money. Fraud 419 (also called scam 419, or Nigerian scam) is a common Internet scam. The name 4-1-9 from the number of the section of the nigerian code sanctioning this type of fraud.