A new scam phishing on your email management.

A new phishing campaign is underway which claims to list your e-mail not sent by your Outlook Web Mail service.

Then a request is made to the users for the action that they conduct for each undelivered mail.
Of course the respective links to a fake login form «» Outlook Web App« .

New Phishing Scam Asks You to Manage Your Email reviewed

New phishing campaign is underway that claim to be a list reviewed email being held for you on your Outlook Web Mail service. Users are then prompted to decide what they wish to do with each mail, with the respective links leading to a fake login form.

Phishing (Phishing)

Phishing, Phishing phishing is a technique used by fraudsters to obtain personal information in order to commit identity theft. The technique is to make the victim that she turns to a trusted third party - believe Bank, Administration, etc. -in order to get personal information out of him : password, credit card number, Date of birth, etc. Indeed, most often, an exact copy of a website is made in order to convince the victim that it is on the official website where she thought to connect. The victim will get his personal codes that will be recovered by the person who created the fake site, It will have access to the personal data of the victim, and for example in the context of a game, can steal everything that the victim has on the game.

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