New campaign of phishing that redirects to a fake site OneDrive.

A new phishing campaign (Phishing) encourages you to connect in order to read the encrypted message content.

This phishing campaign that claims to be an alert to your e-mail server indicating that you received an encrypted message. If you click "Show encrypted e-mail., you are redirected to a fake page "OneDrive for Business" invites you to click Open button to view the message.

Once clicked on the button, a fake login form OneDrive requires you to fill your login, email and password.

Phishing Scam Asks You to Login to Read Encrypted Message

A new phishing campaign is underway that pretends to be an alert from your email server that it has received an encrypted message for you. It then prompts you to login to a fake OneDrive site in order to read the message.

Phishing (Phishing)

Phishing, Phishing phishing is a technique used by fraudsters to obtain personal information in order to commit identity theft. The technique is to make the victim that she turns to a trusted third party - believe Bank, Administration, etc. -in order to get personal information out of him : password, credit card number, Date of birth, etc. Indeed, most often, an exact copy of a website is made in order to convince the victim that it is on the official website where she thought to connect. The victim will get his personal codes that will be recovered by the person who created the fake site, It will have access to the personal data of the victim, and for example in the context of a game, can steal everything that the victim has on the game.

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