Patch Tuesday Microsoft fixes 2 Zero-Day vulnerabilities

Le correctif de juillet 2019 Microsoft includes five publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, but unused, and two "zero-day" vulnerabilities exploited actively.

The fix also fills 15 classified as critical vulnerabilities.

Patch Tuesday

The Patch Tuesday, which occurs the second Tuesday of each month, is the day where Microsoft makes available to its customers the last patches of security for its software (in french, "updated"). Started with Windows 98, Microsoft uses the Windows Update system that allows to check the security patches to apply to Windows. Since, This system has been updated to also include updates of other products of the company, including Office. In order to reduce the costs associated with the deployment of patches, Microsoft has created the concept of Patch Tuesday. The idea is that patches are accumulated for a month and are then distributed to a specific day so that system administrators can prepare. This date has been set to close early in the week, and especially far enough from the end so that any potential problems be corrected before the weekend. System administrators can predict as 'day of updates' the second Tuesday of each month and prepare accordingly.

Zero-day vulnerability

In the field of computer security, a Zero-day vulnerability (in french : Zero-day) is a computer vulnerability was the subject of any publication or having no known fix. The existence of a such flaw on a product mean that no protection exists, whether palliative or final. Zero-day terminology does not qualify the seriousness of the fault : as any vulnerability, its severity depends on the importance of the damage that can be caused, and the existence of a feat, that is a technique exploiting this loophole in order to drive unwanted actions on the product concerned. (Sources)

Microsoft's July 2019 Patch Tuesday fixed 2 Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Today is Microsoft's July 2019 Patch Tuesday, which means that everyone should be especially nice to your Windows administrators today as they begin testing and potentially deploying updates. Included in this month’s updates are fixes for five publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, but not exploited, and two zero-day vulnerabilities that were actively exploited in the wild.

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