Kaspersky : Free online threat analysis service

Security solutions company Kaspersky announces free threat analysis service.

Under the designation 'Threat Intelligence Portal', Kasperky offers an online service that allows you to analyze the file on which you have a doubt of legitimacy. This service is public, it therefore applies to all individuals. However, The number of submissions is limited to 100 per user.

The submission also applies to other elements such as the Hash, The address, Domain or URL.

According to Kaspersky : Businesses around the world are increasingly threatened by cybercrime. Nearly half of them (49 %) fear of being victims targeted attack. This is why it becomes critical to strengthen the sharing of intelligence. To help businesses access the most relevant threat information and fight complex cybercrime on a daily basis, Kaspersky Lab Launches Threat Intelligence Portal, a state-of-the-art web service designed to help teams in operational security centres to work effectively in the face of hundreds or even thousands of threat alerts.

Access to the service