ZHPSuite, Includes three free software

ZHPSuite analyzes, Diagnose and clean up your Windows operating system. It is based on the merger of three software, ZHPDiag, ZHPLite and ZHPFix.

With this software, it will no longer be necessary to download three software, you'll have everything at your disposal to optimize or clean up your system. A quick and automatic update is offered regularly. Only one shortcut will be present on your Windows desktop.

This software is free for personal and non-commercial.  ZHPSuite is lightweight and portable, that is to say that it requires no installation. However, for its operation and results, Reports are stored in a user's folder, Keys and values are created in the registry to keep environmental data such as language or search options selected.


ZHPDiag is software that allows for a quick and complete analysis of the operating system.  It scans the Registry Base and lists sensitive areas that are likely to be changed without your consent. It analyses the registry and lists sensitive areas that may be changed. It is based on a white list system module that allows shorter reports. It detects many malicious software. It analyzes the office for the most common infections. A report is displayed in your browser with a colouring of the lines.

ZHPLite is software that provides a diagnosis to your report ZHPDiag. Each line is categorized and a logo allows faster tracking.Every day new detections are identified by my ZHPDiag diagnostic tool. These are mainly Potentially Unwanted Optional Software (PUP,PUA,LPI). It also proposes the removal of legitimate but unnecessary optional programmes. Each line is classified in a category and a color that allows a faster tracking. The analysis is very fast because a large number of lines are already dealt with in the report ZHPDiag.

ZHPFix Script Manager is a utility based on writing a script. It allows to treat the detections in reportsZHPDiag, but not only !

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