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IT support forums

A few forums offer to help you volunteer to help you with the troubleshooting and decontamination of your computer.

Disinfection forums are generally supported by experts, trainers and graduates of training schools for computer assistance and PC disinfection.

Free disinfection training is provided by some forums. You can read about this article that will allow you to’learn about safety and disinfection.

Such training requires great diligence and patience especially as it is provided by volunteers.

Here are some forums that offer free disinfection assistance :

Some references

Find the latest high-tech news, product and software tests carried out by experts 01Net, download the best software and play online for free. This French website specializes in information about new technologies. 01Net offers a free support forum at the " Security «and «» Internet and Networks« .

According to, it is part of the 100 most visited sites in France in December 2011. In 2015, Médiamétrie class in 2nd place in the category "Computer News". Wikipedia


Free and accessible to all, this community site allows you to help yourself, get help and train to get help’computer and new technologies.

CCM offers a free self-help forum at the " Security virus and " Network« .

How it works is a French website created in February 1999 initially devoted to computer extension, but now also dealing with other themes. The site is published by CCM Benchmark Group whose founder is Jean-François Pillou, aka Jeff. Wikipedia


The web and high tech news site. Check out the latest articles and product tests from the editor and the good plans of the moment.

CCM offers a free self-help forum at the "Disinfection of PCs ( virus, malware and unwanted software) and tutorials on the " Computer security and on " Networks and the Internet. »

Cnet is a Web site information about Microcomputing, d’Internet and new technologies. Founded in 1994 by Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie, property CNET Networks of which it was the flagship site. Since June 2008, it belongs to CBS Interactive, a subsidiary of CBS Corporation.


F.A.E.I.. is a Computer Support and Assistance Forum. You can ask your questions, Applications, Suggestions, members are here to help you volunteer.

It offers a free self-help forum at the " Disinfection and PC Security and " Internet/Messagerie »



F.E.I.. (Computer Support Forum) is a free it security support and security site.

Help with disinfection and computer security : in case of untimely advertisements, pop-up, Redirects, unwanted software, suspicious slowdowns, virus, etc.
Complete disinfection will be assured : Disinfection, Securing, then prevention. Only helpers (qualified people trained in disinfection) staff are allowed to help in this section.. It offers a free self-help forum at the " Disinfection« .


A place of exchange where Internet users ask or answer a given question. Different contributions, accessible to everyone, form a thread (thread in English). Each discussion forum is dedicated to a specific theme.

Futura Sciences offers, among other things, the forums " Security and malware : disinfect your machine" and «» Internet – Network – General security"




The PC Tips website offers tips, practical files and free software to make better use of your PC. Hundreds of experts are at your disposal on PC Tips forums.

PC Tips includes "PC Tips" Report analysis and disinfection. «and «» Internet and Networks« .


SosVirus is a computer troubleshooting platform. Follow the advice of our experts, learn how to avoid traps and more !

Expose your problem, follow the advice from our experts and finds a secure and fluid PC !

SosVirus offers the following support forums " Computer troubleshooting «and «» Windows troubleshooting »


The IT community offering computer and high-tech news, hardware tests, PC and smartphone accessories, tips and tricks.

Zebulon offers the following support forums " Malware analysis and eradication «and «» Securing, Prevention« .