Streaming and theft of credentials.

According to a study by Proofpoint, 13 billion hours of live streaming watched 2019, an increase of two billion in one year.

Video and audio streaming services continue to disrupt the entertainment industry. Services such as Netflix , Hulu , Disney + , Spotify and Apple Music have revolutionized the way we access and consume movies, TV shows and music. This massive change has not gone unnoticed by the attackers, who have found a way to steal valid consumer streaming credentials and sell it at extremely low prices. When this happens, several times, account holders don't know they're sharing their accounts with malicious players / unauthorized users.
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Hacking accounts of streaming : Protect yourself from theft of usernames and passwords

Streaming platforms continue to grow in popularity and services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Spotify and Apple Music have revolutionized the way we consume movies, series and music. (Read more)

Popular on Internet and on mobile phone networks, enables streaming playback audio stream or video (If the video on demand) as it is broadcast. It is thus opposed to scattering by Download files that require recovering all the data from a song or video clip before you can listen to or watch it. (Wikipedia)