Photomizer is a multimedia software that makes it easy to optimize and repair your digital photos.

Every day cameras get better by bringing new features, Every day cameras are getting better by bringing new features.

Other photos have too little contrast, a color cast or a gray mist, some are even blurred. It gives Photoshop the automatic image optimization capabilities.

According to the Publisher, The software ensures a fully automatic color adjustment, including the detection of objects, redistribution of tonal values, the white balance, setting the tone of the colors, saturation, contrast optimization and clear correction / Dark. Photomizer's Denoise feature removes noise, but the details are preserved. Ideal, Like what, for photos too dark without flash. In addition to JPG, BMP, TIFF and GIF, many RAW formats are also supported, for example raw, Crw, Orf, 3Br, Nave, Raf, Mrw, Nrw, Dng, cr2, Arw, x3f, rw2.

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