G-Lock SpamCombat

G-Lock SpamCombat protects your system by automatically filtering emails (Mails) you receive in a file of undesirables.

This software allows you to delete your email inbox, spam, viruses and junk mail (Phishing). Technically, it deletes all unwanted messages at the server level, what prevents your email client from receiving them.

According to the Publisher, G-Lock SpamCombat uses a powerful set of spam filters to prevent spam from entering your inbox: complex filter, white list, Blacklist, HTML validator, DNSBL filter and Bayesian filter. With our filtering software, spam doesn't even reach your inbox. No images are actually downloaded, no hidden script or code is executed. With this type of spam removal software, spam is a thing of the past ! 

This software is free for personal and non-commercial. A paid version is available and offers extensive features.

Editor: G-Lock Software