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How to use Windows history 10 as backup ?

You're not immune to a system or hard drive failure, Backing up your personal data is absolutely necessary.

Doing a backup periodically becomes a real chore in the long run and in the end you don't do it anymore. Then you'll tell me that there are many software, some of which are free, who can do this job for you.

But why install a new program to do this and that will need to be updated regularly ? The solution is to use a little-known feature of Windows 10, the one that manages the file backup history.

Note that this history backup feature is disabled by default.

Here's how to do it :

1) Make a right click on the " button " Start "Windows 10.
2) Select «» Settings« .
3) Select «» Security updates« .

4) In the new window, Select the area " Backup« .

5) In the window " Backup« , at the level of " Save using file history« , Click on «» Add a reader« . Preferably choose an external storage unit.
At this level, the backup of the file history goes into " Activated« .

6) Click on «» More options »

By default, backing up files is done every hour and for preset folders. But you have the option to change these settings.

7) Choose your backup options.

With " Save my files« , you can choose for example " All the 10 minutes« , « Every hour« , « Every day« .
The "zone" Save these records« , you can add or exclude folders.
The "under" section Keep my backups« , defines the shelf life of data, for example " 1 month« , « 3 month« , or «» Forever (by default)« ,…

Here you are now set up for an automatic backup of your personal data, at least for the files you've selected.