Twitter Hacked Ransomware

Decryptor Ransomware Hacked is a decryptor of the ransomware Hacked (HKCrypt).

It helps the victims of the Ransomware to recover their files for free.

HKCrypt (also known under the name of "Hacked Ransomware") appeared at the end of 2017 and encrypts files from a victim by using the RC4 algorithm, then adds the extension ".hacked" files.

The malware pretends to run a Windows Update, then displays a lock indicating the victim to contact screen " ".

This ransomware also leaves ransom notes in :

  • English (@ readme_English.txt or How_to_decrypt_files.txt),
  • Spanish (@ Readme_Spanish.txt) and
  • Italian (@ Leggimi_decrypt_Italian.txt).

Editor: Emsisoft

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Update26 June 2019

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