Greenshot is a free screenshot for Windows software with multiple features.

You can quickly create screenshots of a region, in a window or full screen selected. It is possible to capture complete Web pages (scrolling) from Internet Explorer. You can annotate, highlight or darken easily parts of the screenshot.

According to the editor : Export the screenshot in different ways: Save to a file, send to a printer, copy it into the Clipboard, attach it to an e-mail message, send Office programs or download on sites such as Flickr or Picasa photo, etc. ... and many other options that facilitate just the creation and day-to-day work of screenshots. Easy to understand and configurable, Greenshot is an effective tool for project managers, software developers, technical writers, testers, and all those who create screenshots. Want to see more? Of course, Greenshot can do more for you. Check out some screenshots of Greenshot in action or try the latest version.

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Creation date6 June 2019
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