TestDisk is a free software that helps you to find your data and repair your hard drive.

TestDisk is a software high-performance capable of recover your data ! It is designed to help recover lost partitions and repair corrupted partition tables. The origin can be variable such as the use of defective software, a viral attack or an unintentional reset of the Partition Table.

According to the Publisher, TestDisk is capable of :

  • Fix the partition table and recover lost partition,
  • Get the boot sector of a FAT32 partition from its backup,
  • Rebuilding the boot sector of a FAT file system,
  • Fix FAT tables,
  • Rebuild NTFS boot sector,
  • [...]

The Forum of CGSecurity can answer your questions about using TestDisk.

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This software is free !

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Update28 June 2019

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