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ZHPFix, Script Manager.

ZHPFix Script Manager is a utility designed and developed by Nicolas Coolman based on writing a script. It allows to treat the detections in reports ZHPDiag, but not only !

ZHPFix is free and portable, that is to say that it requires no installation.

Operating system : Windows 7,8,8.1,10

How to remove fake Microsoft detection ?

If you have a download problem with a block by Microsoft Security (Windows Defender). This is a fake positive from Microsoft that quarantines my software. Waiting for the necessary is achieved by the support of the Microsoft security team, you have to put the file downloaded "ZHPFix2.exe" in exclusion mode.

1) Turn off Microsoft's security solution ( Windows Defender )
2) Download ZHPFix.
3) Place the file "ZHPFix2.exe" in the Microsoft security exclusions
4) Reactivate Microsoft Security clicking "Activate"

Download ZHPFix, Script Manager (Free)
Update21 July 2020