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    When requesting a zhpdiag report analysis, my interlocutor replied this :

    Your report shows no infection.

    However, I advise you to look for the origin of the 587 alerts " system you have at the level " DCOM".

    System.Warning: Dcom (587)
    Number: 13357
    Date: 09/26/2020 12:13:12 PM
    ID: 10016
    Description: application-specificLocalActive{2593F8B9-4EAF-457C-B68A-50F6B8EA6B54}{15C20B67-12E7-4BB6-92BB-7AFF07997402}DESKTOP-9E0453OMegaportS-1-5-21-719252722-1490107260-3714869824-1001LocalHost (Using LRPC)UnavailableUnavailable
    Suggestion: Check permissions for DCOM access

    Distributed Component Object Model (Dcom) is a proprietary Microsoft technology that allows communication between software components distributed within a computer network. Dcom, originally called "Network OLE", expands COM and provides the substrate under the infrastructure of the COM application server. Wikipedia

    Can you help me solve this pb please

    Merci, good Sunday at all.

    Nicolas CoolmanNicolas Coolman
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    At first,, you can check out the Technet forum :

    Otherwise, you can ask your question on a specialized Windows forum like the one CCM :

    Good Sunday !



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    Merciiiii !!!

    Nice day

3 topics 1 to 3 (out of a total of 3)
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