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    The repaquetage or software packaging, is a method used by some download sites.

    What is the repaquetage ?

    This operation is to repeat the installation package (Setup) a free software (freeware) adding download options.

    Why insert options ?

    These options allow you to add other software as for example browser tool bars, the Adware, potentially unwanted software, intrusive ads software, browser hackers. The trick is to hide the addition of additional programs through pre-checked options called "Advanced" or "Custom". It goes without saying that the user usually chooses the "Standard" installation without reading the proposed options. It may also be necessary for the installation conditions to be in another language, What makes more difficult even their understanding.

    A procedure for the less legal

    This method allows to legalize downloading additional software since it is done with your consent and sites that practice the method of repaquetage can not be prosecuted.

    The ranking of the optional software

    These software that are not necessarily desired by the user are classified as Optionnels potentially unwanted programs (LPI) or more known as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP). The repaquetage is widely used to include aggressive adware as InstallCore, CrossRider, Graftor, Boxore or Wajam. In the end, programs that pollute your records Base and your data storage units.

    The special case

    Note that software repackaging can be done in such a way that additional software is included and installed without your consent. In that case, the potential risk of malware software addition is not to exclude and great caution is needed when using.


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