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    Feedback on ransomware attacks.

    The computer world, By Dominique Filippone the 30 November 2020

    Reacting well to ransomware attacks to better survive.

    Qu’elles soient préméditées ou opportunistes, les attaques par ransomware font des dégâts conséquents. Zoom sur les points de fragilité, techniques utilisées et réactions à adopter pour essayer de parer au pire et limiter la casse. (Sources)

    a Ransomware, or Ransomware, is a malware that takes hostage of personal data. To do this, a Ransomware encrypts personal data then asks their owner to send money in Exchange for the key that will allow to decrypt. A ransomware may also block the access of any user to a machine until a key or clamping of tool is sent to the victim in Exchange for a sum of money.

    One Cyberattack is a malicious act towards a computer device via a cybernetic network. Cyberattack may come from isolated people, Kevin Mitnick being one of the most famous, a group of hackers or more recently large organizations with geopolitical objectives.

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