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    Removing YouTube-dl from GitHub after RIAA DMCA notice.

    Computer Bleeping, By Lawrence Abrams the 23 October 2020

    YouTube-dl is an extremely popular command line program used to download multimedia content from " and other sites.

    The project used GitHub repositories to host the program's source code and compiled executables that could be downloaded by users. (Sources)

    The RIA (Recording Industry Association of America) is an interprofessional association that advocates for the record industry in the United States. Its main members are private companies holding labels and record labels. It could be considered the equivalent of SNEP in France. Wikipedia

    The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a U.S. law passed in 1998. The purpose of this text is to provide a means of combating copyright infringement. It aims to establish intellectual property legislation adapted to the digital age. Wikipedia

    YouTube is a video hosting website and social media on which users can send, To watch, Comment, evaluate and share streaming videos. Wikipedia

    Alain MasAlain Mas
    Nombre d'articles : 391

    YouTube-dl : Github tente de faire disparaître un utilitaire de copie des vidéos YouTube

    Zdnet, By Louis Adam the 27 October 2020

    Suite à une mise en demeure de la RIAA, organisation qui représente les intérêts de l’industrie américaine du disque, Github a bloqué l’accès aux dépôts du projet YouTube-dl. Mais les nombreux utilisateurs du logiciel ne l’entendent pas de cette oreille.(Sources)

2 topics 1 to 2 (out of a total of 2)
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