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    Warning.EventLogApp, ÉApplication vet

    All the activity of Windows apps and systems are recorded in a particular log book. This is the event observer that allows system administrators to check how well their station is operating.

    You can check the application errors, system crashes, the failure of dynamic resources and device drivers.
    Everything is listed as an event tutorial, more commonly known as "Event ID"

    These are precisely events that ZHPDiag strives to list both in terms of application and the system. The research is only about errors (Errors) and alerts (Warnings).
    Identical events are grouped on a single line that specifies their frequency. If the frequency is high, The administrator must make a decision and help out quickly.

    ZHPDiag can specify a method that can fix errors and alerts. This is done through a " Suggestion that appears at the end of the event.
    When there is an alert on an app, ZHPDiag's balance sheet interface displays a detection called " Warning.EventLogApp« .

    Overview ZHPDiag:
    Application.Warning: Microsoft-Windows-PerfProc (94)
    Number: 54988
    Date: 07/25/2020 05:49:57 PM
    ID: 2002
    Description: Can't open the processing object %1 for questioning access. The calling process may not have permission to open this work. The first four bytes (Dword) Data section contain the status code.
    Suggestion: Check performance counters

    Application.Warning: Self-Rollment (73)
    Number: 54970
    Date: 07/25/2020 05:45:03 PM
    ID: 64
    Description: Local system92 5f 5c 09 62 8b 44 d5 7c 7c 93 4c 69 49 5a 83 53 6c 43 7a
    Suggestion: Install the Software Development Kit (Sdk).

    Application.Warning: Microsoft-Windows-RestartManager (3)
    Number: 53155
    Date: 07/15/2020 12:04:27 AM
    ID: 10010
    Description: Can't restart the app " %3 » (Pid %2) – %9.
    Suggestion: Manually restart the app or service

    Application.Warning: Microsoft-Windows Perflib (32)
    Number: 54911
    Date: 07/24/2020 11:46:25 PM
    ID: 2003
    Description: Performance Library Configuration Information '%1’ for the service '%2’ don't match.
    Suggestion: Contact the performance library provider or use your installation support to get a new copy of the binary file and reinstall it on the system.


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